Anatomy of Home

Nicola Holgate
“Nicola Holgate has recently repatriated to her home country; after living in Botswana for 16 years, choosing to settle in Cape Town.

Predominantly a figurative artist with her focus being her community, environment and her own history she is best known for her portraits, of people real or imagined.
Her current work reflects the many changes in where and how she lives.
Embracing this theme, she has begun to explore a wider range of mediums and media to include sculpture and animation while also ranging from a wider subject matter.”

Isabel Mertz

Cast concrete, eucalyptus wood, wire, bronze.

This experimental installation seeks to question and explore displacement through examining the contested history eucalyptus trees in South Africa. 

This installation resembles a sort of ruin and is constructed by the repeated act of recasting eucalyptus branches in concrete. Cement is usually associated with construction, durability, and strength. Here the branches remind of bone or fossil and many of the branches appear to be thin and fragile, cracking and exposing their wire framework.

Rosie Harman


My focus as a young artist in the UK has been creating functional, highly decorated pottery. The offer to work within Greatmore Studios provided me with an opportunity to make outside of what I am familiar with. The equipment-less space led me to explore what it means to be an artist working with clay.

This drove a deeply intuitive way of making, treating the materials I had in front of me: clay, pencils, varnish and things found on the streets, as a sketchbook for my ideas.

The unfired objects presented here contain a rich and autobiographical visual language in both form and surface conversation. The common threads that run throughout my functional and sculptural ceramics is a playful balancing of the abstract, the familiar and the sensual. This is born out of a need to make sense of the worlds absurdity and fragility through making.

With special thanks to
Zbys Kacmerek
Lucy & Jane at St Cryprians School Christo Giles
Greatmore Studios