Margaux Dhery

Visiting Artist: France

Born in December 1985 in France.

It was at the age of eighteen that the paintbrush became the extension of my hand. Painting has taught me to observe humans and to transcribe it in its intimacy on a canvas.

I received my first technical lessons at Ateliers de l'Etoile, alongside Laurence de Marliave, who introduced me to the art of drawing, understanding values ​​and mastering colours. I then followed the teaching of professors from the Beaux-Arts and the Ecole d'Etampes.

In 2015, I had the privilege of joining the artists' residence La Ira de Dios in Buenos Aires.

In 2016, I participated in the EN LIBERTÉ exhibition. In 2017, I participated in the group show GARDER LE CAP at Galerie Valérie Delaunay ; the group show organized by Daniez et de Charette and HUMAN CENTRIC, the group show of Artwork in Promess.

Since 2015, I am currently following the 3 years intensive cycle of Ateliers Beaux-Arts of the city of Paris  (ABA) with Gonzalo Belmonte.

My painting is figurative. It is worked from photographs, archives and personal photographs. My last series of oils MEMOIRE VIVE is a re-appropriation of family archives that I exhumed with the desire to offer memories a new colour.  I use oil, my favourite material, to signify bodies, faceless characters. With this intimate work, I wish to restore joy to a child stifled by a wave to the soul that I question today in light of maturity.

I propose a pictorial work that praises the past as a thankfulness, a posteriori, to my childhood and a tribute to filial love.