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26 & 27 MAY 2017


An invitation from Buhlebezwe Siwani and Chuma Sopotela, to view "Those Ghels", a physical performance deconstructing the representation of women's bodies in music videos.

The performance piece, performed by Chuma Sopotela and Buhlebezwe Siwani, begins with the 2 performers dancing, recreating movements from various 21st-century songs that have shaped the manner women think and behave, we begin breaking the movements down to normal movements. Behind and on the bodies, the projections of some of the videos interact with videos taken of normal people. It is a surveillance of sorts, of women and the manner in which we look at ourselves and how the male gaze has fallen upon women. Throughout the performance, we subvert the meaning and look at each other, mimic the music videos and each other.

Performances are scheduled for:

Friday 26 May at 7-8pm

Saturday 27 May at 4pm

Entry fee: R70

29 MAY 2017

The Use of History

This lecture will cover:
How history is created and used, unfolding museum collections and structures, and how it in turn has influenced and still influences our view of society. Knowledge about how history and cultural heritage are created and used are more important now than ever, not only in Sweden but across the globe.

About the speaker: 
Pousette is curator at the Swedish History Museum and artistic manager for the art exhibition History Unfolds. She served as the Cultural Counselor at the Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade, Serbia (2009-2012), and as deputy head of Events Units at the Swedish Institute, working with culture diplomacy, mobility and mutual exchange.For several years she was curator at the Swedish Travelling Exhibitions and engaged on the board of ICOM. She holds a BA in Ethnology, and her practice focuses on contemporary society and the relationship between art performance, history and memory.
Time: 18:00 - 19:30
FREE ADMISSION Please RSVP to: info@greatmoreart.org

For further information regarding the event please contact Greatmore Studios at:
021 447 9699