Throughout the course of a year, Greatmore Studios Trust hosts and facilitates numerous workshops, exhibitions, events, talks and discussions to name but a few. Our programs are aimed at community building, community education and skills enhancement. The programs we develop are intended for cultural practitioners across a broad range of fields and bring local participants interested in developing themselves and their work in this field, together with master practitioners in specialised areas of practice, as well as programmers of experimental work in the public sphere.

If you would like to submit a proposal for us to review, send it to us at and we will get back to you. For more information about our programming, contact us at 021 447 9699.

Residency Programs

Our residency programs invite local and international artists the opportunity to grow and further develop their craft in a professional space and conducive work environment. The residency programs allow artists to fully immerse themselves in the arts industry, and provides opportunities to engage and learn from fellow professionals with the arts and culture industry. Our residency programs consist of:

  • 3 Year Residency Programmes: Our longest residency term, aimed at local emerging artists who are looking to grow as an artist and further develop their craft in a professional space.
  • Visiting Artists Programme: Our Visiting Artist’s Program is aimed at building sustainable relationships with artists outside of South Africa in what we hope could become a mutually beneficial partnership. The programme’s duration is generally between 1 – 3 months (dependent).
  • Short-Term Residency Programmes: Our short-term residency program is aimed at providing visual artists with the basic tools and structure they require to further develop their craft and position themselves to become an established artist within the larger spectrum.

To apply for or enquire about our residency programs, please contact:

Workshops & Projects

It is evident that fostering creativity is a major priority in many areas of modern society. Creative thinking, innovation and excellence are seen as essential components of social and economic growth, and new ideas and solutions are the keys to survival in a rapidly-changing world. Our workshops and projects are strictly aligned with the development and education of local arts and culture and offer distinct and stimulating ways of nourishing creative capacities of our young people.

Great Talks

Our ‘Great Talks’ is an annual discussion that takes place at our studios. Professionals within the Arts & Culture industry are invited to share their experience, thoughts and opinions on various topics across a variety of mediums. A very interactive experience, that provides the public with a platform to engage and interact with respected professionals within the Arts & Culture industry.