Rivers Run Through

‘Rivers Run Through’


By Lara Dahlmann


Opens 16-19 November 2018

‘Rivers Run Through‘ finds its inspiration in the diverse forms in nature – the exhibition is a meditation on how landscapes are created by flowing water and deals with the phenomenon of transition. The work will respond to the space as it is a site-specific installation at the gallery of Greatmore Studios and thereby emphasizes the ephemeral moment. A lyrical interpretation of underlying dynamics, turmoil and motion and will be translated in an abstract paper installation accompanied by drawings.  
Lara Dahlmann is a German artist, living and working in Hamburg. She graduated with a diploma in illustration at the University of Applied Sciences and received a travel grant for Trinidad from the DAAD/German Academic Exchange Service to complete her studies. She has participated at the Alice Yard residency and the Caribean Contemporary Arts in Trinidad, LPEP in Buenos Aires and Uniarte in Curacao. Dahlmann has exhibited in various spaces in Hamburg and Berlin and at the Leopold-Hoesch Museum in Düren.